Sunday, September 2, 2018


A lot of awesome things happened in the East Village these past couple of months — there's nothing new about that!

One of the most exciting is that the local Target finally opened at the corner of Avenue A and East 14th Street!

Here is a picture of the inside, looking through the window on East 14th Street:

Through the window.

This Target is so special, there are ads for it even outside the East Village, like this one on the north side of East 14th Street at First Avenue:

Target ad outside the East Village.

To celebrate their opening, they paid homage to East Village history by re-creating the outside of the beloved dive bar CBGB:

TRGT – (screen shot from another web site).

Unfortunately, this angered many older East Villagers, who were quick to point out that Asian women and Black men did not go to CBGB, at least not in its heyday, when they went.

Most East Villagers were not affect by this historical revisionism, and love the great prices to be found at Target!

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  1. somehow 'Tee Are Gee Tea' does not have the same ring as 'See Be Gee Bee'.