Sunday, September 2, 2018

Another Senseless Hawk Death

Here's another thing that happened while I was busy not posting—

Back in October, 2017, in a post called Against The Hawks, I wrote:
The Parks Department should trap the hawks and move them to the Adirondacks, where they belong.
Unfortunately, my words were not heeded, and now another senseless hawk death has occurred.

Here is a picture of the dead hawk, whose name was Mr. Hawk — or Hawky,
as he liked to be called:

Hawky, with googly eye.

What's next, wolverines?! If wolverines move into the park, are East Villagers just going to say "They're so helpful — they eat the rats!"

Rats respond to one thing only: poison. If we're going to get rid of the rats, we have to move the hawks, for their own safety.

This has been a public service announcement by East Village Today.

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