Thursday, March 22, 2018

Zombieland Empty

The section of Tompkins Square Park near the Avenue A and East 7th Street entrance, that locals refer to as "zombieland", usually inhabited by drug addicts and alcoholics, was remarkably empty yesterday after Winter Storm Toby.


Zombieland empty.

It was not empty of snowmen, however!

But first…

I was walking down East 7th Street when I saw this snowman head, without a body!

Head without a body.

It didn't take long to solve the mystery. When I walked into Tompkins Square Park I saw this snowman body without a head in, of all places, zombieland:

Body without a head.

Just kidding — the head was on the ground:

Head on the ground.

Probably some anarchist did it!

On another table was this legless snowman:

Legless snowman.

What a sad collection of snowmen!

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