Saturday, March 3, 2018

John Giorno

Remember when I told you about the posters on Second Avenue below St. Mark's Place that indicated they were above St. Mark's Place? Well…

If I had looked at the bottom left of the poster, it would have all made sense!

John Giorno.

John Giorno is a poet, founder of Giorno Poetry Systems!

The line "You're walking down 2nd Avenue coming to St. Mark's Place" is from his poem "Eating The Sky". You can listen to it at UbuWeb.

"Eating The Sky" reminded me a lot of "Big Ego", a poem of his that he wrote about seven years later, that you can also listen to on UbuWeb.

If you're going to listen to these, I recommend listening to "Big Ego" first, so if you don't like it, at least you'll have heard the better of the two! "Big Ego" draws a lot from "Eating The Sky", so you'll sort of hear "Eating The Sky" anyway.

I'm glad that's cleared up!

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