Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Caution, Parking

I was walking across St. Mark's Place this past Sunday, when I saw this woman gathering up the caution tape that had fallen into the pile of gravel there:

Gathering it up.

I didn't understand why she was doing it, but at the same time: I didn't care!

Later, walking back home the same way, I figured it out:

Parking spot.

Parking spots in the East Village are hard to find — you have to do a bit of improvising sometimes.

I'm still not sure what the caution tape had to do with anything though.

#eastvillage #stmarksplace #orangebarrels #gravel #cautiontape #parking


  1. was that woman the driver of that red car?


    1. Probably the passenger! "Hey mom, get out and move that Caution tape, would you?"