Monday, February 12, 2018

Why Businesses Fail

When you walk around the East Village, you're bound to notice that some business you love… is closed! Shuttered! Gone forever.

Many times, these failures are preventable. For example, with the beloved Agios Greek Rotisserie, on St. Mark's Place — who can even see their name behind the No Parking sign?!

Sign is blocked.

It couldn't have helped that they were beside the beloved Aria Body Piercing either. Imagine coming out, after having just finished dinner, to see someone screaming as a spike is driven through their nose!

Another example is the beloved East Village Meat Market, on Second Avenue.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a day when an astonishing 1.35 billion chicken wings were eaten, they were closed.

No wings for you, East Village!

Think about the community!

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  1. I don't think they sell wings? Of course, if kobasa was the meat of the Super Bowl, you know they'd be open!

    1. They do, but the stats are talking wings.

      Either way, I go to B's for the kobasa and other Ukrainian delites.

    2. If they have access to chicken, they have access to wings.

    3. I'd rather eat kobasa slices than wings.

  2. That is an excellent photo of the store front!

  3. That meat market is a classic store front. I like how you have the sidewalk wet, which causes just the slightest touch of reflections to appear, and then fade that wetness into dry at the building. Nicely done!