Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mass Of Stuff

I was walking across East 4th Street recently, when I saw this mass of stuff in the parking area outside the Village View Apartments parking lot:

Mass of stuff.

Who knows what that stuff is even for, or why it's there?!

You would never think it to look at it, but it was right outside this beautiful new parking lot:

Beautiful new parking lot.

The parking lot itself isn't new, just the asphalt.

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Tearin' It Up

I was walking down upper Avenue A recently, when I saw this assemblage of signs and barricades directing people around the sidewalk repairs taking place there:

Signs and barricades.

Look at that teeny-tiny lamppost in there — that's so considerate!


You know what's weird? Why would they leave the tree guard in place?

Tree guard in place.

Not just once, but twice:


Once again, this is the perfect time to replace these trees with artificial ones.

Write your representatives and tell them: No more live trees!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Making the East Village (More) Beautiful

I was walking across East 4th Street recently, when I saw these workers painting a lamppost at First Avenue:

Painting a lamp post.

It was a gray day, so the gray lamppost blended into the background — but on a sunny day… whoa Nelly, will that ever stand out!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #firstavenue #lampposts #paint #painters

Windy Fall

It certainly has been a windy Fall!

I was walking past Cooper Union, on The Bowery, when I saw the barricades, usually standing, had been blown down:

Blown down.

It's a good thing the crusties weren't asleep there when this happened — they might have been crushed!

#eastvillage #cooperunion #thebowery #fall #barricades

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The East Village Is Falling Down!

Breaking news: The East Village is falling down!

Behold, as seen on East 6th Street between Avenues C and D, mere minutes ago:

Mere minutes ago.

Before DNAInfo, before Gothamist, even before the New York Post, East Village Today is there to bring you the news, as it happens!

It sure was windy today, wasn't it?

#eastvillage #scaffolding #6thstreet #avenuec #avenued #firetrucks

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mr. Ed's Head

I was walking down Avenue A recently (before Halloween), when I saw this sculpture of a Mr. Ed outside the beloved and bona fide Bondfade Barbers:

Mr. Ed.

Here is a close-up up its nostrils:

Up its nostrils.


#eastvillage #avenuea #bonefadebarbers #mred #sculpture