Monday, October 9, 2017

Mailbox vs. Trash Can

In the days of Snapchat, very few East Villagers are left who remember mailboxes.

These days, they're seen as blank slates to paste over with graffiti stickers, such as this one, on Avenue A and East 7th Street:

Pasted over with graffiti stickers.

Solar-powered rat-proof trash cans, on the other hand, every East Villager knows that those are!

No graffiti stickers on those — they're well respected!

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  1. i am glad that the mailboxes are a unique shape. even with all the stickers, they are still recognizable.


  2. These outdoor trash receptacles will often have some kind of cover that will both keep any waste inside the bin while also making the can easily accessible.
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  3. Thank you very much for sharing this nice article

  4. I actually like this outdoor trash can. I've seen many around here but seems many don't like using trash cans which I don't know the reason why. Thank you for raising the awareness.

  5. The sight of these mailboxes are also dwindling here too and the big disposal cans are taking up their place. Often making things look worse as they're left unkempt for.