Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Quietest Block

East 4th Street between The Bowery and Second Avenue is probably the quietest block in the East Village — it should be, with all the signs calling for it!

Here is one that I saw:

Please Do Not…

Here is a close-up:


Here is another, in the same building:

Another 'Be Quiet' sign.

Here is a close-up:


Quite possibly, the same person put a sign in their car, calling on graffitiers not to graffiti his car:

"Do not graffiti my car, please."

Here is the sign:

Anti-graffiti sign.

Here is a view of the car, from behind:

From behind.

Can you imagine if people stood outside these windows talking about graffiting this car? It would be a perfect storm of disregard!

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  1. finally, confirmation that tail lights (and head lights) are designed to look like 'eyes', and some are made to look more 'threatening' than others.


    1. That thing must be scary-looking when it's backing up really fast!