Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Balancing Cup

It's hard to say what's more amazing: that someone was able to balance a cup on top of a fire hydrant (on East 6th Street near First Avenue), or that no one came along afterward and knocked it off.


It's not amazing at all that someone balanced these two cups in the planter on the corner:

Not amazing.

With all this litter, it looks like they need one of those fancy new trash cans on East 7th Street!

#eastvillage #7thstreet #firehydrants #firstavenue #litter


  1. after viewing your second photo, and before reading the lead-in and caption for it, and taking it in the context of the first, i thought it was about balancing a tree in the planter.


  2. i like the composition of the 'Amazing.' photo - it seems like it is just vertical lines, all converging in the distance.