Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tent Camping

East Villagers are not known for their outdoorsiness — nature is scary, and it's far!

That's why we have community gardens!

So when an East Villager responds to the call of the great outdoors, there's no better place to pitch their tent than in one of those community gardens — barring that, on the sidewalk outside of one!

Behold, the sidewalk outside the Sixth Street & Avenue B community garden:

Outside Sixth Street & Avenue B Community Garden.

Since the door was open, I took a peek inside:


…and since the roof was open, I took a peek inside there too:

Inside the roof.

There's no plumbing, and campfires are not allowed, but at least there's no bears!

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  1. I wonder how much they asking per month for that?

    1. Since it's a studio, I'm going to guess… $3,000!

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