Tuesday, September 26, 2017

No More Weeping

About ten days ago, the weeping willow tree inside the community garden La Plaza Cultural, that was scheduled to be cut down, was cut down.

Here is a sign announcing the down cutting:

She is sick.

RIP? Thank you?


Here is what La Plaza looks like now, from Avenue C and East 9th Street:

Whoa — the sky!

Here is the new view of the building across East 9th Street, from inside the garden:

Across East 9th Street.

The lumberjacks did such a good job of carting everything away, you'd never know there was a tree there to begin with!

With the tree down, these signs were now visible:

Take a peace.

Wood chips and even branches were available to take home! Can you imagine having a tree branch in your apartment?!

They should have had a bonfire instead — that would have been great! People could have cooked vegan hotdogs, vegan marshmallows, made vegan s'mores…

Here is another sign that is now visible:

Now visible.

I wonder if the cat died from tree poison, or if someone abandoned their already-dead cat there, and with the tree now gone, it was discovered?

Sure, blame the tree!

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  1. i hope they take this opportunity to plant a nice tree,like a beech, tulip, pawlonia - you know, something cool!


    1. I agree — first consideration is: It must be cool!