Monday, September 11, 2017

Even More Music

Following more music on Saturday was even more music on Sunday!

Sunday's event was sponsored by The Shadow. This time, instead of building the stage at the time the show was supposed to begin, they started earlier!

I'm not sure how much earlier — the show was supposed to start at 1:00pm, and this is as far as they were at 12:41pm:


I walked around the East Village a bit, and got back to the park an hour later, in time to see the first act (I'm not joking).

Introducing: Rebel:


Following Rebel were musicians and singers, collectively known as The Carvels:

The Carvels.

Check that out: twin Telecasters! and…

Check that out: matching shirt and guitar!

The next band was called DIYing Breed, who were immediately besieged by a group of aging paparazzi!

Aging paparazzi.

This show was unique in its complete absence of crusties! Instead, their place was occupied by this gang of bicyclists:

Gang of bicyclists.

Before they left, they all got together for a group picture:

Group picture.

No one danced at this show:

There's gonna be, no dancing.

All in all, it was very unusual!

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