Thursday, September 7, 2017

Air Hoses

There was a lot of racket going on yesterday afternoon, on East 9th Street!

The cause was these two machines, with hoses leading into a hole in the street:

Two machines.

I'm not sure if they were pumping something into the hole, or out of the hole.

Maybe they were air hoses?

Air hoses?

When I was a kid, I knew a guy who was a building contractor. One day, he was working down in a hole, and the air hose developed a leak, or malfunctioned somehow, and he asphyxiated. Within a year, his widow was having an affair with the (married with two kids) guy who lived just past us on our road. When his wife found out, she divorced him. Eventually she remarried, to an arch-Christian guy who had a paddle that he used on the kids, that he drilled holes into to improve aerodynamics, and wrote something about "God's love" on. The oldest kid became a drinker by the time he was in high school, and died in a car crash two weeks before his 17th birthday.

So… make sure to check those air hoses, buster!

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