Wednesday, September 20, 2017

9th Street Block Party 2017

It hardly seems like a year has passed since the last 9th Street Block Party, and yet, here we are again!

Let's get to it then, eh?

This woman was selling hats, and baked goods that might have been Starbucks remainders:

Suspicious baked goods.

Antiques are always popular at the 9th Street Block Party:


These things are called "CDs". This is how your parents listened to music! They put them into a "CD player" and… music played! It's more technical than that, but it's not important.

These are still in their original cellophane packaging, so they're collector's items!

Collector's items.

These things are even older — this is how your grandparents listened to music! They're called "records". They would put them onto a "phonograph", cranked a handle on the side, the record would spin, they'd put a needle onto it and… music played!

Again, it's more technical than that…


Why would anyone want to sell this t-shirt?!

T-shirt for sale.

Once again, the bird man was hawking his photos:

Hawking photos.

You know, if his name was Stephen, the caption would read: Stephen Hawking photos. That would be confusing!

Signs tell people which clothes are which:


I think I saw someone moving items from one side to the other!

You might not know it, but those glittery gold things are lamps.

All that glitters is not a lamp.

So many shoes!

"Which shoes do I choose?"

Gluten-free-free tote bag for sale:

Gluten love.

It's hard to tell where the flowers end and the people begin, at the beloved BeetleBug:

Flowery maiden.

As always, there was a band:

"If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?"

A good time was had by all!

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  1. I like the expression of.the guy on the right holding that lamp - like he caught a prize fish or something.


    1. When I took that picture, he said "Are you taking a picture of my lamp?" (That's how I knew it was a lamp!) I said, "Yes I am. You're going to be famous now."

      He probably thought I was joking!

    2. :-) now known as 'the lampman'. :-)

      do you know - did he buy it?


    3. I'm not sure. I didn't stick around…