Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Watch Out, Lego Man!

I was walking down Avenue B a couple of weeks ago, when I saw Lego Man about to step into a hole:

Watch out, Lego Man!

Not just a hole, but a hole directly above cellar doors!

Last week, on East 4th Street, I saw him again:

Watch out, Lego Man!

Lego Man is here to warn us of the dangers of eating ice cream and walking — it's almost as dangerous as texting and walking!

#eastvillage #legoman #avenueb #4thstreet #graffiti #graffitistickers


  1. based on his trajectory, i believe that lego man will miss the open manhole. but, the drip from his ice cream quite possibly will fall into the opening. whoever is down there in that manhole may be in for a 'surprise'! their first reaction may very well be 'wth? pink pigeon poop?'.


    1. Good that (that he'll miss the open manhole) — that's where the CHUD live!