Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Urban Vets Animal Hospital

As everyone knows, East Village Today is not a personal blog — it's not as if I write about what I ate for breakfast!

Nevertheless, it is run by people, and these people live in the East Village, and sometimes that means not just telling you that some beloved business is cool, but explaining in what way they're cool.

This past Thursday, the official cat of East Village Today, had to be put to sleep.

His name was Homer:


This is not a story about Homer, though, but about the beloved Urban Vets Animal Hospital, on Avenue C and East 10th Street:

Urban Vets Animal Hospital.

When we took Homer in last Thursday, the vet told us he needed to hold him for tests, approximately three days.

It didn't take him long to realize what the problem was, though, and that our options were: emergency surgery; or euthanasia.

If you have a maine coon cat, you already know that they like to chew on frayed threads — these can block their stomach and intestines. The string Homer had ingested was all through his intestines, so even surgery was not a guarantee that he would survive.

The fact that they didn't just hold him, after their first test told them what they needed to know, and collect the nearly $2,000 they said it would cost, speaks to their integrity.

That's what this story is about.

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  1. :-) i had seeded rye bread with peanut butter, and, coffee, for breakfast. :-)


  2. please accept my sincerest sympathies and condolences.


  3. I am saddened to hear of your loss, EVT.