Monday, August 28, 2017

Non-Employee ID

Sometimes, when you're a non-employee, you lose your identification card — it just happens!

East Villagers, however, are helpful people. When they see a lost identification card on the sidewalk, they pick it up and put it somewhere where the person who lost it can find it.

Here is an example I saw on St. Mark's Place, on August 10:

Lost identification card.

Here is a close-up:

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East Villagers have very strong opinions about things, including the best place to put a lost identification card!

Walking down St. Mark's Place five days later, I saw it had been moved to a bicycle handle:

A bicycle handle.

You might be wondering why I or some other do-gooder didn't just return the identification card to the work site it belongs to — it's because that information wasn't on the card!

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  1. the address is on there - but just a street address and 'new jersey' and a and zip code.

    according to their web site, they are a 'last mile delivery specialist'.


    1. Good sleuthing! I guess I should have put on my glasses when I looked at it!