Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Lee And Sasha's

Something is afoot at the formerly-beloved Spanky & Darla's!

I was walking down First Avenue, oh, about seventeen days ago, when I saw this solitary square of white almost perfectly centered on a black riot gate:

Almost perfectly centered.

What could it be, I wondered?

I took a look.

It turned out to be a request for a liquor license, by the soon-to-be beloved Big Lee and Sasha's Inc.:

Big Lee & Sasha's Inc.

Big Lee and Sasha's? That sounds strangely similar to Spanky & Darla's!

Taped to their open door was a shower curtain:

Shower curtain.

Naturally, I took a peek inside:

A peek inside.

I hope they get their liquor license. Now that the beloved First Avenue Wines is about to become formerly-beloved, that section of the block will be critically devoid of alcohol!

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