Saturday, July 1, 2017

White Like Vanilla Gelato

Do you remember this building on the corner of Avenue A and East 9th Street, and our campaign to have the trim painted cerise?

Of course you do!

And do you remember this past April, when work began on a new store! Well…

This building came one step closer to completion last week, with the removal of the construction fence and the revelation of…  newly-painted street level walls:

White building.

There's now a gelato store called the beloved Gelarto. Here is a close-up of the front:

Close-up of front.

Cool lighting, and they kept the Invader mosaic!

Now all that's left is this ugly-ass mess, on the 9th Street side:

9th Street side.

It might be too late for a new campaign to have it painted cerise, but something has to happen here!

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