Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trash Wars

East Villagers are famous for guarding their trash, and protecting it from contamination by other trash.

Here is one example, seen on East 9th Street yesterday:

One example.

How is this trash protected, you ask?

No 435 Trash.

My first thought was that the superintendent was identifying these trashcans as for exclusive use by residents of building 435, using the traditional abbreviation for "number" (No.), but forgetting the period.

However, this building is not 435 East 9th Street, but rather 447 East 9th Street, as can be seen in this close-up of the numbers above the door:

Numbers above the door.

My curiosity aroused, I set out to find building 435.

My search did not take long — I found it here, a quarter of a block away:

A quarter of a block away.

It's the beloved Pat Crystal Shop!

Evidence of 435ness:

The number 435.

Is building 447 afraid of gypsies?

East Villagers are superstitious people!

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