Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trash Can From The Sky

East Villagers were surprised to wake up one morning last week to discover that a trash can fell out of the sky and landed in Tompkins Square Park!

It was soon cordoned off by… someone. Parks Department people probably:

Cordoned off.

The sign says the entrance is closed "due to repair", but in all honesty, I'd say the entrance is closed due to a massive hole in the sidewalk!

Entrance closed.

Here is what most people see, from behind the barricade:

From behind the barricade.

Here is what East Village Today sees, from past the barricade:

From past the barricade.

I measured the diameter — 50 inches — which would make the circumference approximately 157 inches, give or take a few inches for irregularities in the shape.

It's hard to know how the trash can got so high up in the air that it could make such a big hole when it hit. They usually stay close to the ground, like this one:

Close to the ground.

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