Thursday, July 13, 2017

Neighborhood Square

It's unlikely many East Villagers know this, but back in late March of 2015, DNAInfo switched from using Disqus for their comments section, to Neighborhood Square.

One of the benefits of Neighborhood Square is that it allows you to follow specific neighborhoods and post your own stories. Naturally, I started posting stories from East Village Today in the East Village neighborhood. At the time, I was the only one doing so, apart from the people at DNAInfo.

Fast forward to last week. I posted a couple of stories, and later I noticed they were gone. At first, I thought it was a server glitch on their side, so I waited until the following morning to see if the stories reappeared. They hadn't, so I reposted them.

Then, on Monday, the same thing happened: two of my stories disappeared. Again, I waited a day and reposted — this time they disappeared again!

I wrote to the people at Neighborhood Square:

My comment.

Their reply.

"Posts from neighbors," as if East Village Today is not a neighbor!

I wrote back:

My (abridged) response.

Their reply again.

I think Donna (The D in DNAInfo) thought I was concerned with my stories not being in their newsletter. The funny thing is, I didn't know they weren't in the newsletter — I don't subscribe to it!

So, this is how it stands. I, East Village Today, who brought Neighborhood Square to life with my postings, am now subject to arbitrary deletions.

I never suspected, when I started this blog almost three years ago, the antipathy that exists to the promotion of East Village coolness!

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  1. I think they have gone to "All news, all the time". A little too serious, if you ask me.

    1. Pete, the Design Freek14 July, 2017 11:10

      Which has the competing for clicks with the other blogs and sites that are doing (trying to do) the same.

      Luckily, you (EVT) are so unique that you do not have any competition, except for the obvious "borrowing" every so often of your posting style by other blogs. It seems that whenever the news gets slow for them, their webitor says "Hey, we have to liven things up, people! Get out there and give me an EVT style report or photos!".

  2. With DNAInfo changing formats, you may have lost one exposure for your work, but I am sure there are others that will come up.

    I like what you are doing, so keep on doing it!