Sunday, July 23, 2017

Guitar Tops, AirBnb, & Fence-Scaling

I was walking down Second Avenue last Sunday, when I saw this abandoned guitar top in the vacant lot on the right, at East 7th Street:

Abandoned guitar top.

I almost didn't take a picture of it. I thought: What am I going to say about this thing?

Then!… after I left the East Village walking tour yesterday, I was walking back across St. Mark's Place, when I saw this recent addition to the East Village AirBnB listings, outside the formerly-beloved Village Gifts:

"Airy, St. Mark's Place location."

There it was, hanging on the back wall:

The same guitar top.

It's the same guitar top!

This can only mean on thing: Crusties have been scaling the fence surrounding the vacant lots on Second Avenue!

Who knew they had it in them?

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  1. another blog shows that same locale, but with the guitar propped up against the gate. here is the link to the photo