Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Blog Worth Imitating

Nothing makes me happier than to see the positive affect this blog has on people in the East Village! Whether it's painting something, or fixing up a building, or this, that I saw yesterday on Avenue A and East 6th Street:

'Free Punk Soirée' sign.

For so many years, these punk rock show signs have mimic'd the DIY look of the pre-computer age, but no more.

They're even exploring new ways of promoting the shows: It's not a "Punk Rock Show" but a "Punk Rock Soirée! And instead of skeleton heads or 1970s sociopathic movie characters, it's pictures of people having fun!

Another poster shows they've even developed a sense of humor:

Poster with sense of humor.

East Village Today salutes The Shadow!

Unfortunately, some people are still locked into the past, and cannot accept that others have moved on:

Vandalized sign.

The sad, unspoken truth is: there are still haters in the East Village.

Fortunately, it's not too many, and their days are numbered!

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