Monday, June 12, 2017

Puke Island Part 7

You might think that punk rock is the only type of music that ever gets performed in Tompkins Square Park, and with one notable exception, you would be right!

Yesterday's punk rock show was called Puke Island Part 7. Catchy name, eh?

It was scheduled to start at 2:00pm, but yesterday was hot…


…so I waited until later in the afternoon to show up.

Apparently, it was too hot for most other people too. This was the crowd when I arrived:

The crowd.

It was even too hot for crusties!

Only one crusty.

Maybe all the punks hitched a ride to Rockaway Beach?!

It's never too hot for the promoter though, East Village celebrity Chris Iconicide, seen here in the mosh pit, while the band Alien Species played:

Chris Iconicide and Alien Species.

Hot weather is perfect for the Coco Cherry Mango Rainbow Icy man though:

Coco Cherry Mango Rainbow Icy man.

As always, these shows are an opportunity for local underground newspapers to hawk their tchotchkes:

Underground newspaper tchotchke table.

I was melting by this point, so I bought some ice cream and went home!

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