Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Pothole

It's not always that East Villagers get to witness the birth of a new pothole. Sadly, this is not one of those times either.

It is a pothole in its infancy, though!

I spotted this a couple of weeks ago, outside the beloved San Isidro Y San Leandro Orthodox Catholic Church of the Hispanic Mozarabic Rite, on East 4th Street:

Infant pothole.

Shortly after I took this picture, a bicyclist came down the street and rode right into it, exclaiming an oath for all to hear, as he regained his composure!

You'll be happy to learn I reported this pothole to the good people at 311 — I'll keep you posted on its development!

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  1. i expect that you will reporting about this for a couple of years (meaning, it will take at least that long for the city to respond with a fix).


    1. That plus I like to revisit stories over and over!

    2. which i like that you do!