Monday, June 12, 2017

Freedom And Intelligence

Speaking of Puke Island Part 7, true to form, there was no advertising, apart from this announcement on Facebook:

Facebook announcement.

I was curious about their claim:
Not affiliated with ABC No Rio, Make Music New York, or anyone else. Brought to you by the need to keep freedom and intelligence in punk music.
Make Music New York performances are on June 21, so not being affiliated with them is understood, since this show was on June 11.

ABC No Rio, on the other hand, sponsored a hardcore/punk matinee at their previous location, on the Lower East Side. Do they promote captivity and stupidity in their shows, I wondered?

I saw this on ABC No Rio's web page:
We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive scene where all can feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of race, gender or sexual identity. We do not book racist, sexist or homophobic bands. [emphasis theirs]
Maybe that's it?

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