Monday, May 22, 2017

I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass

A long, long time ago, before most of you were even born, there was a singer named Nick Lowe, and he sang a song that East Villagers at that time snapped their finger and sang along to, called "I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass"!

This was back in the bad old days, when East Villagers did love the sound of breaking glass!

Fast forward to the present…

I was walking down St. Mark's Place yesterday afternoon, when I saw this group of buskers outside the formerly-beloved Friterie Belgian Fries — they call themselves Breaking Glass:

Breaking Glass.

They drew quite a crowd — it extended all the way into the street:

Into the street.

You can listen to their music here: Click To Experience

The East Village still draws people from all over the world who want to be famous musicians — put that in your vapo-pipe and smoke it, Williamsburg!

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  1. this one is unblocked: NICK LOWE 1978 I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass


    1. That's so weird — it worked yesterday! I wonder if the RIAA follows this blog?!

    2. the complaint was that they ([Merlin] Redeye Distribution) were blocking it from my country on copyright grounds. i mean, this is my country, right, the EV? is there like an economic sanction against the EV that i don't know about? did the EV not sign the latest copyright agreements?

      i guess you changed the link? thanks! a great song! it sounds punkish, yet nick lowe looks almost disco. :-)


    3. Yeah, my link was to the English release (Jesus of Cool) and not the U.S. release (Pure Pop For Now People). Alas!

      Did you listed to the other band?

    4. i did. i think i am still too influenced by 'american epic' and the jug bands featured there to say anything more about them.


    5. Well, I hope they can keep it together — maybe someday they'll be on American Epic!

    6. if 'amercian epic' did a 'street busking in the 21st century' segment, they would be great for that.