Friday, May 5, 2017

East Village Yesterday

Writing a blog about the East Village today sometimes means that you have to write about the East Village — not just yesterday, but — decades ago.


Such is the case with last night's gallery opening at the beloved Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, on Avenue C.

The show was titled: "Taking It To The Streets! The Art + Design of Posters and Flyers on the Lower East Side in the 80s + 90s".

I got there just in time to be the first — and for a while, the only — person in the room!

At least I was able to get pictures of the posters:

Posters on the wall.

…stencil paintings on the floor:

Stencils painted on the floor.

…signs on the back wall:

Signs on the back wall.

…and a cardboard tank, which I think is part of the permanent exhibit:

Part of the permanent exhibit.

I stayed for about twenty minutes, thinking more people would show up, but no one did, so I went outside and sat on the bench and read the show's Playbill.

Fortunately I ate at home before attending, because there was no food — not even beer!

How do you reminisce about the bad old days without beer?!

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