Monday, May 29, 2017

Another Memorial Day, Another Punk Rock Show

I was walking through Tompkins Square Park Saturday afternoon, when I saw what could only described as some kind of Memorial Day punk rock show or another.

These shows are how East Village punks honor the soldiers who died to keep these shows free!

As usual, I saw no signs announcing this show, and the crowd was pretty small:

Small crowd.

I think these guys are called The Omega Men — correct me if I'm wrong!

The Omega Men (maybe).

The guy on the left looks like a basketball player!

These guys are definitely called Sewage, I'm pretty sure of that.

Most likely Sewage.

The chances that these guys are Coach And Commando are pretty high:

p < .05 Coach and Commando.

Do you know what was really strange about this year's punk rock show? There were no uniformed police officers present — they've always been there in the past to join in the festivities!

This year, they were replaced by undercover cops, taking pictures no less!


These guys are either undercover cops or Australian tourists!

Here is a close-up:


Hey look, it's beret guy!

East Village celebrity and concert organizer Chris Flash was at The Shadow's swag table with his girlfriend (they're inseparable!):

The Shadow swag table.

Here is a close-up of Shadow swag. Tips please!


The Undead's swag table, with John-Boy Walton photo-bombing:

Undead swag.

I left the park at Avenue A and St. Mark's Place, where almost immediately, I saw this sign, announcing the show:

Sign announcing show.

This is where I got the names of the bands — you didn't think I knew these things?!

Finally, no story about a punk rock show in the East Village would be complete without a video of dancing crusties:

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