Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Photographic Journey

If there's one thing East Villagers are known for (and there are many!) it's beloving our local businesses — and taking pictures of them!

So what could be better than hanging these pictures in an art gallery and letting people look at them? (I mean… OK… a blog…)

That's exactly what the beloved ILevel Gallery is doing! (Get it? ILevel? Like eye level, because the pictures are hung at eye level? But also like iPhone, because a lot of pictures are taken with iPhones? Pretty clever, eh?)

And the opening reception is tonight!

Here is the information, in the form of a screen shot taken from their web site:

Screen shot.

I know what you're thinking: Will any pictures from East Village Today be in this exhibition?


It's OK though — truth be told, I haven't posted any of their pictures either!

A splendid time is guaranteed* for all!

*Not a guarantee.
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  1. this is to be the cleverest posting!!!

    p.s. if you go to the opening, introduce yourself as covering the event for EVT. or at least get some opening night snacks.


    1. > this is to be the cleverest posting!!!

      s/b: this is the cleverest posting!!!


    2. Thank you! I feel like this is one of my better posts, especially recently. And you can be sure I'll fill up on free snacks!

    3. I'm back. I didn't introduce myself though — I didn't want to steal their thunder!