Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Photographic Journey — Follow-Up

Last night's gala at ILevel, on East 7th Street, was everything it was cracked up to be — let's get straight to the pictures!

I arrived at around 5:30, and it looked like there was already a line to get in. Where was the velvet rope, I wondered?

No velvet rope.

Once we got inside, we were greeted right away by the first food table:

First food table.

Of course, no exhibition opening would be complete without a bar, and a place for people to chillax!


People chillaxin'.

Just past the chillaxers was… the second food table!

Second food table.

Verily, I had found my home.



There were meatballs, spinach, pita bread with hummus, those chickpea things that go into falafels, an egg roll that wasn't really an egg roll…

At the second food table they were also serving risotto, and the server gave it to you on a separate plate, because she didn't want it to touch any food you already had on your plate — that's how good it was!

Finally, to top it off, was the dessert table:

Dessert table.

Not to slight any of the dessert makers, but the almond things (top/center of the picture) were my favorite! There were two kinds: one with almond filling and almond slivers on top, and for those who don't like so much almond, another with almond filling and no almond slivers!

If you liked what you ate, there were fliers and business cards of the restaurants that participated, free for the taking!

Free for the taking.

I didn't take pictures of the pictures themselves — it was too crowded! I'll go back before the exhibition closes at the end of the month.

Maybe. :)

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  1. i should have gone earlier!

    p.s. i like the wooden forks.