Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Blue Is The New Black

It used to be that the East Village was colorless — today, all that's changed!

I was walking across East 2nd Street the other day, when I noticed that the fire escapes of this building are the same color as the Citibikes parked across the street from it!


Matching Citibikes and fire escape.

As if that weren't enough, while walking up Avenue D yesterday, I saw this:


A new Citibus!

Or city bus, if you prefer.

#eastvillage #2ndstreet #avenued #blue #citibike #fireescapes #citybus


  1. Diagonals on the fire escapes and bicycle frames are in different directions. Fire escape railings and ladders and bicycle spokes. Blue and yellow of building - opposite colors. Blue fire escapes and blue bicycles tie together. Grey of street, Citibike stands, and bicycle tires. Tree limbs and bicycle handlebars. The blue door and the Citibike ID plaque. Just a few of the reasons why that photo is SO good!!!

  2. not much to add except, 'i agree!'. a great photo, all around.