Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bad Bricklaying

I was walking across East 2nd Street recently, pondering the hole-in-the-wall situation in the East Village, when I noticed this area of bricks beneath some painted cement that was falling off the building:

Area of bricks.

The strange thing about these exposed bricks is that they're not the same color or size as the bricks above them; they're not even the same size as the painted bricks beneath them; they're not even the same size as the other bricks in their assemblage!

If you look at the bricks directly above the lintel, you'll see that some are broken, while others are turned sideways.

It's a wonder half of the buildings in the East Village are still standing!

#eastvillage #lintels #bricks #2ndstreet #cement #disrepair


  1. :-) half the buildings are still standing because they are leaning on the others for support. :-)


  2. :-) the reason why half the buildings in the EV are still standing is because they are leaning up against the ones next to them. :-)