Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Avocado Graffiti

There's a new graffiti in the East Village that's not even new!

This graffiti is so subtle that even though you've probably seen it half a dozen times, you forget about it as soon as you look away, just like The Silence!

I call it the avocado graffiti, because it looks like an avocado.

The first time I saw it, on East 3rd Street, I forgot about it right away.

First siting.

The next time I saw it was on East 4th Street; I took a picture so it would last longer!

On East 4th Street.

But when I wrote about the abandoned Citibank branch recently, I saw it in that picture too!

This picture too.

After that, I started seeing it everywhere, like here, outside the soon-to-be beloved Bento Box, on St. Mark's Place:

St. Mark's Place.

… and here, on St. Mark's Place again:

St. Mark's Place again.

…and here, on East 4th Street again:

East 4th Street again.

All right, not everywhere, just East 4th Street and St. Mark's Place.

And Avenue A! So yeah, everywhere!

Now that you've seen it, you'll start to see it everywhere too!

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  1. i like the bank one the best - it looks like an avocado!


    1. Yeah, the bank one is cool — WKT should have scribbled somewhere else!