Monday, March 20, 2017

Ice Boulders

Blizzard Stella might not have been all it was cracked up to be, but the storm that stood in its place was one of great ice-fall!

While everything looks the way it normally would after it snows, instead of mounds of dirty snow, it's mounds of dirty ice East Villagers are contending with!

Behold, a massive ice mound on East 2nd Street at Avenue C:

Massive ice mound.

Further across East 2nd Street were these ice boulders, left behind by someone who chipped their car out of its parking space with an ice pick:

Ice bouldes.

At the Second Avenue entrance to the East Village, the bike lane was blocked by this mountain of ice:

Bike lane blocked.

Here is an ice rift, across from the beloved Golden Food Market at Second Avenue and East 7th Street:

Ice rift.

To give you some perspective of its size, here is an East Villager passing through:

Passing through.

Sometimes, East Villagers try to help each other by putting objects in the water at intersections, for others to step on.

Be warned! These objects are oftentimes very slippery, especially if they're the bottom drawers of refrigerators!

Bottom drawer of a refrigerator.

You don't even know if that thing is touching bottom! It could be floating, since it's inverted and has air trapped inside it. Add to that that the top is slippery, and stepping on this could result in a (wet and cold and possibly dog-pee infused) trip to the emergency room!

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