Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blocking The Way

By now, the snow has almost all melted away, but a mere twelve days ago, the snow and its effects were still very much with us!

Here is a picture of a Con Edison barricade, and a Lift Plow Blade sign, blocking the pedestrian crosswalk that had previously been cleared of snow, at the corner of Avenue A and St. Mark's Place:

Blocking the pedestrian crosswalk.

If you are wondering how I knew it was a Con Edison barricade, this is how:

Repairing Your Steam System.

It's hard to know how this barricade wound up where it did, blocking the pedestrian crosswalk — it's even harder to know where it's been keeping itself since February of last year!

Directly across the street from this one was… another one!

Another one.

East Villagers can only hope that this improper use of barricades does not impede the repair of our beloved steam system!

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  1. it is amazing what shows up when the snow melts!