Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bathroom Renovation Day

Did you ever wonder what an East Village bathtub looks like, the kind that isn't on feet, in the kitchen?

Well, wonder no more, for here is an upside-down bathtub, discarded this past Thursday, on East 7th Street:

East Village bathtub, upside-down and discarded.

Thursday must have been Bathroom Renovation Day on East 7th Street, because just down the block was this big ol' mess:

Big ol' mess.

What's this? On the other side of the pile were even more discarded toilets, and a sink!

Discarded toilets and a sink.

Here is a close-up on the toilet on the left:


That seat can't have been comfortable!

For East Villagers, going number two is an austere affair!

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  1. :-) is that now a 'toilet free' zone? :-) :-)