Sunday, February 26, 2017

Unqualified Success

Yesterday's cash mob at the Chase Bank on Second Avenue and East 10th Street can only be described as an unqualified success!

Here is a picture taken at 9:52am, of an East Villager who arrived early:

The early bird gets the 0% introductory APR credit card!

Because the ATM vestibule is accessible, people did not have to wait outside — many waited inside, for the doors to open at 10:00am:

Doors open.

Considering that East Villagers don't get out of bed until 2:00pm, for this many people to be here when the bank opens shows just how important keeping Chase in the East Village is!

Thank you to everyone who made this such an unqualified success! It's up to the good people at Chase Bank now, after witnessing this outpouring of support from the community, to open at least one more branch in the East Village.

Their former location on Avenue A and East 2nd Street is still available:

Still available.

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