Monday, February 6, 2017

That's The Ticket

I was walking down First Avenue — lo, these eleven days ago — when something jumped out at me.

No, it wasn't a crusty; it was this:

Something new in the mix.

Do you see it? If it were a snake it would bite you!

It was this ticket, taped onto the left side of the door frame:


Parents just don't understand large accumulations of matted pieces of paper!

#eastvillage #firstavenue #graffiti #mattedpiecesofpaper #tickets


  1. too bad they don't give out those tickets for when there really is trash on the street and no on cleans up.

    p.s. on the unfair side, they make the landlord responsible to cleaning up the litter left behind by people on the street, yet, the landlord has no enforcement capacity. imagine walking down the street and discarding your half finished double latte in front of a building, and the landlord yelling at you: 'hey, you, yeah you, trash-dropper. pick that up or i'll give ya a ticket!'.


  2. I wonder if the matted pieces of paper were the stickers?! Maybe the officer meant "mounted"?