Thursday, January 12, 2017

East Village Parents Respond

Back in December of 2016, I was walking down First Avenue, when I saw this graffiti message:

Graffiti message.

Well, East Village parents beg to differ!

East Village parents know that no matter what else anyone might think about it, it's illegal. They don't want to have to go pick up their kid from the police precinct, or the morgue!, for something like doodling on a wall.

East Village parents also know that most graffiti is like the stuff above: scribbles — it looks bad.

Most importantly, East Village parents know that the propellants in spray cans, and the compounds in paint pens, are toxic. One of the biggest problems graffitiers face is becoming addicted to the fumes, and later, when the fumes no longer do the job, to stronger drugs like heroin.

In conclusion, East Village parents do understand street art, and say: "You kids be safe — and don't make a mess!"

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  1. that is one busy, but well organized, scene that has been nicely captured!