Thursday, October 19, 2017

Farewell, View

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking across East 7th Street, when I saw this truck in the empty lot at the corner of Second Avenue, with much scaffolding aside the building there:

Much scaffolding.

Maybe they're going to fix the building façade?

Last night, I passed by again, and saw that progress had been made:

A shroud.

The pirate, who lives on the second floor, is losing his view!

Soon enough, a new building will be constructed here, and we will all lose our view, of the pirate flag!


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Second Avenue Bike Lane

Back in late September, I was walking down Second Avenue, when I saw that the bike lane had been resurfaced:

Resurfaced bike lane.

Being avid bicyclists, East Villagers are always happy with bike-lane improvements!

Alas, it was not meant to last long.

Behold, as seen eight days ago:

Open trash can door blocking bike lane.

An open trash can door, with trash can protruding, was obstructing the bike lane!

Bicyclists had to think quickly to avoid hitting it:

Thinking quickly.

Maybe it was left open deliberately, to prevent bicyclists from riding through the puddle!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I was walking across East 4th Street this morning, when I saw this group of boxes on the sidewalk:

Group of boxes.

Here is a close-up:


In preparation for this post, I researched Invicta — it turns out that it's a brand of invincible watches.

Who would leave so many watches unattended?!

All of this took place in front of the soon-to-be beloved B&H Barber Shop:

B&H Barber Shop.

From bagels to photography equipment to haircuts, B&H has it all!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #bhbarbershop #invicta

Monday, October 16, 2017

Vegan Club

Rule #1 of Vegan Club: Don't talk about Vegan Club!

I guess that doesn't include posters, specifically these, seen on East 6th Street, eleven days ago:

Vegan Club posters.

Seriously though, half of veganism is talking about it!

#eastvillage #posters #6thstreet #veganism #veganclub

El Camino

Not all of the cool cars you see in the East Village are cars — likewise, not all are trucks.

Some are a combination of both!

Behold, an El Camino, seen two weeks ago alongside El Jardin del Paraiso, on East 4th Street:

Two weeks ago.

You might think that would be the last time I saw it.

Au contraire mon frère!

Here it was again, six days ago, parked on East 7th Street, alongside Tompkins Square Park:

Alongside Tompkins Square Park.

This is the car that Sterling Archer drives, after having lost his super spy car.

Now, do you know what really amazing? It was on this very day, in 1958, that Chevrolet first started selling the El Camino!

Happy Birthday, El Camino!

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Friday, October 13, 2017


There's a new name in graffiti stickers in the East Village, and that name is Dummy Tree!

I was walking across East 6th Street back in late September, when I saw this sticker on the back of a construction sign:

Stockholm Symdrome.

Of all the syndromes, Stockholm is my favorite!

A little further down the block, I saw another green sticker fixed to this ATM hood:

Another green sticker.

Here is a close-up:


Lick that toad?! Gross!

East Village Today strongly advises our readers not to lick any toads!

#eastvillage #dummytree #graffitistickers #atms #stockholmsyndrome


Back in June, the LinkNYC kiosk on Second Avenue between East 7th Street and St. Marks Place was cramped!

Today, the space has expanded!


Expanded living area.

In a squat, you would have to knock down a wall to expand your living area!

#eastvillage #7thstreet #linknyc #secondavenue #crusties #stmarksplace #abandonedcouches


I was walking across East 9th Street nine days ago (what a coincidence!) when I saw this banner on the fence of La Plaza Cultural, announcing what looks like the least kid-friendly Kids Halloween Party in the history of halloween parties:

Banner on fence.

Here is a close-up of the person being strangled:


I passed by there again last night, and saw that they've made progress on decorations:


More decorations.

It's fitting that the graveyard is where the weeping willow tree stood until recently — see how much more room there is now?!

#eastvillage #9thstreet #avenuec #laplazacultural #communitygardens #kidshalloweenparty #nsfk #weepingwillows

Duelling Graffitiers

Lo, these seventeen days ago, I was walking across East 6th Street, approaching the local Dunkin' Donuts, on First Avenue, when I saw this bit of graffito:

Bit of graffito.

Well, duh — East Villagers don't need to be told how to spell NYC!

Because my blogging duties take me all over the East Village, I was not able to return to this site until nine days later, when this is the mess I beheld:

What a mess!

Here is what I think happened: One person, with a can of white spray paint, crossed out "NYC not NYU", then wrote "NYU is NYC", "Columbia is NYC", and "CUNY is NYC". Then, another person, with his own can of white spray paint, crossed out all of those and wrote "SMU is NYC". Then, as an afterthought, wrote "Sorry".

Why do I think that, you ask? Because the writing of the NYU, Columbia, and CUNY messages is the same; the SMU is different, it's doubled-up, and the "i" in "is" is lower-case.

East Village Today: a forensic blog if ever there was one!

#eastvillage #6thstreet #columbia #cuny #dunkindonuts #firstavenue #graffiti #nyc #nyu #smu

Rats > Frats

It's rare that graffitiers spray-paint public service announcements, but it's not unheard of!

Here is one example, seen on the side of a solar-powered trash can on the corner of Avenue A and East 7th Street:

Spray-painted PSA.

Rats are indeed a greater problem than frats — I don't think there even are frats in the East Village.

Unless F-Rats are a thing!

#eastvillage #avenuea 7thstreet rats #trashcans #graffiti #publicserviceannouncement #frats

After The Miracle

I was walking across East 4th Street — oh, about 17 days ago — when I saw this overturned wheelchair:

Overturned wheelchair.

No doubt, earlier, this was the scene of a miracle, where some wheelchair-bound individual stood up and walked, and didn't bother to return his wheelchair for someone else to use, or get his deposit back!

Either that, or someone popped a wheelie and rolled off the back, and kept on rolling, which is pretty miraculous itself, if you ask me!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #wheelchairs #miracles


I was walking across East 5th Street a couple of weeks ago, when I saw this Open Studio information painted on a window:

Open Studio information.

Here is a close-up:


The event itself has already passed; what's important is that "Yeeehaw" was written in big letters on a window.


#eastvillage #5thstreet #signs #yeeehaw #windows

Chi Chi

St. Mark's Place is the chichiest street in the whole East Village.

Here is one of the chis:

Chi Ken.

…and here is another:

Chi Snack Shop.

Pokemons and astroturf cellar-door covers — trés chichi!

#eastvillage #chiken #chisnackshop #stmarksplace #chichi #astroturf #cellardoors

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

99 *Chinese Symbols*

I was walking across St. Mark's Place — oh, about eighteen days ago — when I saw this new signage in the window of the beloved 99 <Chinese Symbols>:

New signage.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered something peculiar:


Which is it? 99 Favor Taste (or close approximation), or 98 Favor Taste? Do Chinese readers get one more favor taste? I wonder what it is?!

Upon even closer inspection, I discovered that the vinyl (?) was applied in a sloppy fashion.


 A crease.

There's a crease in it!

Maybe the 99th favor taste was the tip of the owner's boot!

#eastvillage #99favortaste #stmarksplace #signs

Dangerous Ramp

You are no doubt aware of the sidewalk repairs taking place throughout the East Village. One such repair was taking place outside the newly-beloved Starbucks, on Avenue A:

One such repair.

You might think the ramp is dangerous because it isn't fixed to the ground, or because it's splintering, and could give someone a splinter, but no — it's because there are nails sticking out of it!


Nails sticking out of it.

At very least, they could make you trip!

#eastvillage #avenuea #nails #orangebarrels #ramps #sidewalkrepairs

Inside A Call Box

Have you ever seen inside an East Village call box?

Me neither!

Until now.

Behold, the inside of a call box, on Avenue B and East 8th Street:

Inside a call box.

Here is a close-up:


Is it what you expected?

Me neither!

#eastvillage #8thstreet #avenueb #callboxes #inside

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Riddle

Where do East Villagers go when they wake up in the morning?

To work!

Going to work.

Some walk to work, and others walk to the subway!

#eastvillage #3rdstreet

Mailbox vs. Trash Can

In the days of Snapchat, very few East Villagers are left who remember mailboxes.

These days, they're seen as blank slates to paste over with graffiti stickers, such as this one, on Avenue A and East 7th Street:

Pasted over with graffiti stickers.

Solar-powered rat-proof trash cans, on the other hand, every East Villager knows that those are!

No graffiti stickers on those — they're well respected!

#eastvillage #mailboxes #trashcans #avenuea #7thstreet #graffitistickers

Friday, October 6, 2017

Open Doors

Remember when I first started this blog, how I had so many pictures of open doors?

Here is another, on East 7th Street, from eight days ago:

Come on in!

Those were the good old days!

#eastvillage #opendoors #7thstreet #reminiscing

Thursday, October 5, 2017


I was walking across East 7th Street yesterday, when I saw this banner of one-time East Villager Emma Goldman:

Banner of Emma Goldman.

Emma Goldman is famous for having said "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

Looking at that face, though, I'm prone to thinking that people didn't want her to dance because she was so sullen! Can you imagine her on the dance floor, glaring at the band?!

When I got to the end of East 7th Street, at The Bowery, I saw another banner, this time of Che Guevara:

Banner of Che Guevara.

Che Guevara now, I bet he could dance until dawn — even with his asthma!

#eastvillage #banners #7thstreet #thebowery #emmagoldman #cheguevara #dancing

Friday, September 29, 2017

Starbucks Immortalized

It sure didn't take the local Starbucks long to join the ranks of the beloved!

I was approaching St. Mark's Place last Friday afternoon, when something caught my eye:

My eye was caught.

The new Starbucks has been immortalized in the beloved Mosaic Trail:


That might have been the fastest addition ever!

#eastvillage #starbucks #stmarksplace #avenuea #lampposts #mosaictrail

The Downward Trajectory Of IsThatPhoebe

I first discovered IsThatPhoebe on August 14, before I even knew the name!

I learned the name after my Lego Man post, in which her character could be seen.

At that time, IsThatPhoebe was sweet! Like this:


The first change came suddenly, without warning:

Misfits IsThatPhoebe.

The Misfits are a band from the bad old days, that sing about devils and evil!

The very next day, I saw this (Warning! NSFW!):


Life in the East Village can be hard. People should leave a comment for IsThatPhoebe in the Comments section, and cheer her up!

#eastvillage #graffitistickers #isthatphoebe #commentssection #lampposts

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Clean and Empty

I was walking across East 4th Street about five days ago, when I saw that the curtains and other window-blockages of the formerly-beloved Best Chinese Foot & Back Rub were down, and the inside was cleaned out:

Cleaned out.

This place is small! Where did they do their prostituting?!

#eastvillage #4thstreet #bestchinesefootbackrub #inside #prostitution

No More Weeping

About ten days ago, the weeping willow tree inside the community garden La Plaza Cultural, that was scheduled to be cut down, was cut down.

Here is a sign announcing the down cutting:

She is sick.

RIP? Thank you?


Here is what La Plaza looks like now, from Avenue C and East 9th Street:

Whoa — the sky!

Here is the new view of the building across East 9th Street, from inside the garden:

Across East 9th Street.

The lumberjacks did such a good job of carting everything away, you'd never know there was a tree there to begin with!

With the tree down, these signs were now visible:

Take a peace.

Wood chips and even branches were available to take home! Can you imagine having a tree branch in your apartment?!

They should have had a bonfire instead — that would have been great! People could have cooked vegan hotdogs, vegan marshmallows, made vegan s'mores…

Here is another sign that is now visible:

Now visible.

I wonder if the cat died from tree poison, or if someone abandoned their already-dead cat there, and with the tree now gone, it was discovered?

Sure, blame the tree!

#eastvillage #9thstreet #abandoneddeadcats #avenuec #communitygardens #laplazacultural #signs #trees #weepingwillows