Sunday, December 11, 2016

SantaCon 2016

What can you say? East Villagers love SantaCon — it goes without saying!

It's the second-most popular event on the East Village social calendar — second only to Halloween because, you know… those dogs are so cute!

So with no further ado, here are some pictures of SantaCon 2016:

The beloved V Bar, on St. Mark's Place and First Avenue:

There are no bad Santas.

On the corner of Second Avenue and East 9th Street:

Who is he interviewing?

A bunny!

Along Second Avenue:

Staying in the Santa lane.

On East 9th Street:

Rockin' the snowman suit.

Santa must work out at Gold's Gym!

Back on Second Avenue, outside the beloved The 13th Step:

Woe, the fallen bicycle.

Mugging for the camera:

Someone lost their Santa hat!

Santas ascending.

A splendid day was had by all!

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