Monday, December 12, 2016


East Villagers have long been frustrated by the fact that, oftentimes, they cannot make out what is being written by graffitiers when they do their graffiti.

For example, who can read any of this?

Scribbly mess.

So East Villagers were pleasantly surprised to finally find a graffitier whose name they can read, on East 13th Street:


No hieroglyphics, no dribbly paint, just a simple message of hope: Steve.

There's something indecipherable scrawled above it, but… baby steps, baby steps!

#eastvillage #13thstreet #graffiti #steve

1 comment:

  1. it has to do with the action and perceived movement of the resulting tag rather than the legibility, and the feelgoodness the tagster experiences while performing that movement. like, it is more fun watching jackson pollock paint that looking at the finished piece.