Thursday, December 8, 2016

Citibike Kickstands

This isn't specific to the East Village, but since East Villagers love Citibikes, it's still relevant.

Not too long ago, Citibike changed some of the features of its bikes: they changed the gear shifter; they changed the seat; and they changed the kickstand.

Here is a picture of the old-style kickstand:

Old-style kickstand.

Here is a picture of the new-style kickstand:

New-style kickstand.

East Villagers don't really like this one. It's hard to get into place, and even harder to get back up (you have to lift the bike to do it) — and it doesn't hold up the bike when putting a bag into the basket.

Well, now they've gone and updated the kickstand again!

Here is a picture of the even-newer-style kickstand:

Even-newer-style kickstand.

It's a variation on the new-style, now with more falling!

East Villagers say: "Bring back the old kickstands, please!"

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