Thursday, December 1, 2016

Barricaded Log

Even though there is a tree guard in this picture, this is not a story about tree guards.

This is story about how some East Villager put a log into a tree bed outside the beloved Social Security Administration office on East 12th Street, and how some other East Villager (probably) put a barricade beside the log, to keep people from tripping over it!

Don't trip over the log.

If they had put string or ribbon across the tree guard, that barricade wouldn't have been necessary!

#eastvillage #12thstreet #barricades #logs #socialsecurityadministration

1 comment:

  1. that has to be the weirdest photo ever? the barricade and the log are just so, i dunno, out of place? i guess that 'out of placement' is what is so eye catching about this photo.

    p.s. great composition / color!