Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good, Better, Best

It seems so long ago, the Citibike station outside the beloved Slate Salon, the beloved Today's Cut, and the beloved Yuca Bar was removed — and in fact it was! A long time, that is.

The good news is, some days ago, the station returned!

Returned station.

East Villagers love Citibikes so much, they sit on them even when they're not riding!

Even better news than the return of this station, is the return of all stations that were removed during "Grinding Existing Asphaltic Concrete Wearing Course Project HW2CR16B"!

Returned stations marked in green.

And the best news is that we get to keep the station beside the graveyard (marked in Purple)!

How do you unlock a Citibike from the graveyard station? With a skeleton key!

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