Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Abandoned Shopping Cart

It seems like only eleven months ago (almost to the day!) that I wrote about the abandoned shopping cart on East 4th Street, outside of El Jardin del Paraiso.

Here we are again, all these months later, and another shopping cart has been abandoned in the same location, wheelless at that!

Wheelless shopping cart.

Here is another view, that highlights the accumulated litter:

Accumulated litter.

There's no telling how this got all the way over here from the West Village, the site of the nearest (no doubt beloved!) Citarella location.

Citarella must be a child-friendly store — with no place for children to sit in the shopping cart, they must be permitted to wander the aisles!

No place for children to sit.

Now that it's in the East Village though, this sign takes on a whole different meaning!

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