Monday, November 21, 2016

American Deli & Grocery

Sometimes people think that the East Village is so transgressive that it's anti-American. Au contraire, pi

Um, hold on a minute.

That ain't true, mister!

First was the beloved 'Merica, on East 6th Street. Now, on First Avenue, there's the beloved American Deli & Grocery!

American Deli & Grocery.

If you're looking for dairy, or beer, or ice cream, or deli, or organic products, or coffee, or (from the side of the awning) smoothie, or soda, or beer again, or sandwiches, or vegetarian products, with a red, white, and blue flare, the American Deli & Grocery is for you!

Even their litter is patriotic!

Patriotic litter.

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